NFT for the benefit of our planet!

4 min readSep 14, 2022


We live in a troubled time for the world, when every effort must be made to change the situation, break the impasse, find new and effective ways to solve the most pressing problems. Without realising this, the whole world, each of us individually and individual states will not be able to develop sustainably, everyone will continue to slide down this slippery path into the chaotic world of conflicts and wars. This gloomy path is clearly visible at the present time, and we are all moving along it with increasing speed.

The time has come for everyone to commit, when no one can stand aside and wait for other people’s smart thoughts, decisions and instructions. Each of us must try to correct the situation in our own way, strive to act in accordance with our human calling, find a way to a better tomorrow, find new effective ways to solve the most pressing global problems and not be afraid to think about it. Invent and try new methods that are not entirely clear, but very necessary for solving the tasks set, not be afraid of change, step over the most difficult boundaries and approach things with a new face and then the world will become a better place!

Today we are not talking about the future of our planet and humanity, we are talking about the very existence of the human race on our planet when the future with inactivity is the future without people, without life. That’s what we’re talking about, about how we can solve the most pressing problems of our time and how to save the planet from destruction. Such solutions should use all the new available modern technologies, the achievements of which, like building stones, should build the way for movement towards sustainable development. Any technology tools to popularise and promote the ideas of sustainable development and secular asceticism must not stand aside, but use their full potential to promote these ideas. The concept of NFT as a new type of display of text, images and video is an effective promotional tool with great potential for developing its own capabilities and as a full-fledged independent component in polyvalent multidisciplinary sustainable development models. It is possible that the potential of NFTs in such models is truly underestimated and increased attention is required to the development of new concepts for using NFTs to popularise and promote the ideas of sustainable development and secular asceticism.

For young people, NFT is an attractive means of gaining knowledge and developing an aesthetic taste. This is a clear algorithm for them to accept useful high-quality information, draw attention to the world of knowledge, a mechanism for access to knowledge, a way to form their position and realise their place and benefit to others, as well as an effective tool for popularising and promoting the ideas of sustainable development, secular asceticism and other concepts in their environment. NFT projects focused on such ideas can be implemented by public educational institutions, including within the framework of educational programs, associations, charitable foundations and public organisations within the framework of entertainment programs, festivals, youth forums and use NFT as a means of stimulating youth interest in the world of knowledge in the future.

Modern technologies are developing in the spirit of environmental friendliness, naturalness, humanity and asceticism. Digital technologies are the basis for further development. No one can seriously deny their power, value, place and importance in many areas of our lives. The younger generation, accustomed to using new technologies and communicating with friends, accustomed to using not only the Internet, but also smartphones and tablets in their activities, will never be able to live without them.

In order to use new technologies in the most effective way, we need to constantly update and improve our knowledge about the use of these technologies and how to effectively implement such ideas and create new forms of their implementation.

NFT is not an alternative to ICO, but can be used as a tool to increase the transparency and reliability of ICO campaigns, since New Form of Thinking is based on the principle of conveying information in an understandable and accessible form.

The new form of thinking is not an alternative to the already established forms of economic development, but a modern, efficient and laudable mechanism that will help realise the same values ​​of transversal economic development and sustainable, fair and equitable development. A new form of thinking can become a truly new tool for use in areas such as education, scientific, technical and research activities, new technologies, medicine, publishing, medicine, sports, cultural, creative and innovative activities. A new form of thinking can be combined with old, traditional and new models of the world and economy, with the digital economy and the economy of tokens.

NFT is a new way to give people knowledge in a popular form to solve pressing global problems and challenges. This is a new time that requires these new forms of promoting the wonderful ideas of sustainable development and secular asceticism.

Let’s use NFT for the benefit of our planet!




New path for the development — era of new technologies, new meanings of development.