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5 min readDec 6, 2022

IT project of a platform based on a decentralised network, focused on blockchain-based digital online solutions, to enable startups to conduct stakeholder voting through a blockchain-based online voting platform.

Create a community of like-minded creators and users who share the love of DeFi. Pool staking using one-way and symmetric staking pools. The project solves one of the critical problems facing staking solutions. Users typically have to send their tokens to a centralised wallet that they don’t have access to. With this platform, the tokens never leave the user’s wallet, providing absolute security and control over their tokens at any time. Create interactive community-based events that use the platform as the main form of participation, thereby rewarding participants. A system that allows you to connect to any project of the chosen ledger and create reserve pools on the platform, rewarding them with their own token. The ability to bring all the incredible elements of staking other blockchain projects in one hub, giving the entire ecosystem the opportunity to stay and earn passively from their tokens.

In this case, no smart contract system is proposed. There is a constant reading of users’ wallets to confirm the amount they hold and receive rewards for. This means that, unlike other staking methods, when using smart contracts, tokens always remain in the user’s wallet.

Increased security and peace of mind for the user knowing they always have full control over their tokens. This is a project for the full refinement and implementation of a system of algorithms for a token-based circular economy model, algorithms for an extended intra-system service for simplified creation of user’s own tokens, self-service, upgrade and creation of a user’s own system of interaction with other participants.

The functionality of an independent ecosystem is associated with the implementation of algorithms for the procedures for buying and selling a token, a weekly accessible and transparent drawing of tokens as a necessary and main incentive to maintain and motivate activity, buyback and control the flow of liquidity into the project to maintain a stable homeostasis of the ecosystem. The development of mathematical models for accounting for fluctuations in the growth and fall of the token in order to form sustainable mechanisms for maintaining self-regulation and self sustainability of the token economy, adaptive changes in algorithms and maintaining the stability of the token economy ecosystem is the subject of constant, including future, permanent system control and upgrade, especially taking into account the main challenge associated with risks of selfish manipulation of the market by big players.

This is a model for the development of tokenised ecosystems using blockchain technology, building the so-called “superstructures” of communities and self-governing economic structures, the cyclic economy of a token for the practical implementation of any component or component of sustainable development, when the basis is the creation of a system of material incentives and improving human well-being in the name of a person, stimulating the responsibility of everyone in the performance of common tasks.

Tokenised ecosystems of the future, especially taking into account the development of smart contracts, will provide new opportunities to promote the development of the real sector of the economy and solve existing market problems. The sustainable tokenised ecosystem that is the subject of the token economy is a reliable partner, business partner and social partner for stable, reliable and predictable economic growth within the new economic era.

This is a module for developing and building a sustainable digital platform for the effective implementation of the closed-loop token economy model and the interaction of similar decentralised platforms of the same level, where building up new connections within the ecosystem, the interaction of decentralised systems of similar models gives the prospect of expanding the functionality and long-term market growth in the structure of the token economy and the global token economy, new material meanings and prospects for social capital, the use of tokenisation. Finalisation and implementation of algorithms for the algorithms of the project of management, control, implementation in chains with a decentralised exchange, maintaining the balance of the token economy of the ecosystem.

Users of modern technology products are unlikely to think about the components that make up these products, what they consist of, about the long history of their creation. Interested in convenience, functionality, the result that will be achieved when using them to your advantage.

Meet the requirements of the consumer, the creation of products that meet these requirements is an incomplete list of necessary conditions for the creator of such products to fulfil.

An interconnected system of consumption established over the centuries. Where do we see modern features and an urgent need for today regarding the development of digital technologies as a new philosophy of consumption? If we leave for a while material changes and the development of digital technologies themselves as an essence, then philosophically and excuse the hackneyed term in the “culture of consumption and supply”, a dead end will be reached. Wonderful digital customer-centric technologies have been gutted by the unbridled and sometimes openly imposed hype, shameless attitude on the part of the creators. They deliberately cultivate a superficial understanding and attitude towards processes among consumers, and this has borne fruit. A gigantic discrepancy between the complexity of digital technologies and the level of the consumer has formed, consumer distrust of the rhetoric and letters of empty white papers of startups and their feverish search for the use of their funds in another project with a very high risk of becoming zero, manipulation of large players and impotence of small people in the industry.

What is this project about? This is a model that makes reasonable use of the concept of responsibility. This is a model of mutual responsibility coming from the authors of the model and addressed to a wide range of consumers who share, are ready to share responsibility, or those who are simply looking for a use for their funds in a new project that has a long-term understandable development, supported by the argument of a special attitude on the part of the creators. Someone might say that it’s boring and it’s easier to look for another hype for quick money. This project is not an alternative to this one — it is a different model that has its own path and the inherent essence of the sustainable development projects linked to it, based on mutual responsibility and personal sustainable development, gives a deep meaning to the model and long-term growth. In fact, this is a new type of client-oriented IT model for a person for the sake of a person.




New path for the development — era of new technologies, new meanings of development.